Cloudberry Kingdom is now Available for Infinite Fun

     Ubisoft® announced that the randomly generated platformer Cloudberry Kingdom is available today July 30th on the PlayStation Network , July 31st on Xbox Live Arcade (800msp) and PC via Steam, and August 1st on Wii U. It will be available on PlayStation Vita (TBC) later this year.


     Cloudberry Kingdom is a platformer designed with a fully random level generator. Every level is brand new and never seen before. The difficulty level can match any need, from the casual… to the “mega ultra hardcore”!


     The game contains ten hero types and three different modes of play: Story mode, Free Play and Arcade mode which includes Time Crises, Hero Rush or Escalation. Up to four players can compete or play co-op with local multiplayer. And while facing the most hardcore levels, 4 players won’t be too much.

     Bob is dubbed by Kevin Sorbo, star of the hit TV series “Hercules”, “Andromeda” and leading role in the parody film “Meet the Spartans”.

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