Trackmania 2 Stadium out now

     London, UK – 20th June 2013 – Today Ubisoft® announced the release of the PC racing game TrackMania² Stadium, developed by Nadeo, a Ubisoft studio.

     TrackMania² Stadium is the latest in the successful TrackMania series, a racing game phenomenon with over 12 million registered users. TrackMania² Stadium is a fast-paced take on the racer genre, with an extensive level editor which appeals to creative gamers. Thanks to its pure gameplay, the game is easy to get into while the depth of the Stadium environment has made it an eSports favorite for years. TrackMania² Stadium benefits from a new single-player campaign, new content creation tools, as well as an overhauled graphics and lighting engine. This engine provides high-quality, scalable visuals, and the new content and creation tools offer greater diversity for the TrackMania community. It is a fitting successor to the popular TrackMania Nations Forever which garnered over 1 million players in its first few weeks and has grown ever since its initial launch to reach over 12 million players in 2013.

     "I’m happy to confirm to TrackMania players, that the Stadium environment is coming to ManiaPlanet as TrackMania² Stadium. This is a new start for our most popular racing environment. Including it in ManiaPlanet with TrackMania² Canyon and the upcoming TrackMania² Valley will enable the teams at Nadeo and the community to bring TrackMania² Stadium to life with new features, content and evolutions now and in the future." said Nadeo Publishing Managing Director at Ubisoft, Anne Blondel-Jouin.

The game is available on the Nadeo ManiaPlanet® platform and downloadable through and via Steam.

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