Shipping and Payment

Item 3


1.Order send by shopper is listed as binding from the moment of confirmation by shopper. Shopper receives via e-mail on listed address confirmation of order with PRO-FORMA bill attached in a mail.

2.Realization of goods delivery contains Slovak and Czech Republic.

3.Seller ensure the goods delivery on address listed in order via voted delivery method and via terms: by courier or Slovak post.

4.Time of delivery for ordered goods is listed at each delivery method.

5.Delivery time not contains free days and saints-day. Delivery time is lengthen by this time.

6.If the requested goods are not in stock, it is a duty of salesman to get shopper known about this fact and suggest another time of delivery. Seller and buyer could compromise on alternative time of delivery.

7.Seller does not correspondent for deficiency, damage of goods, which arise after delivery of goods to transport company for delivery to shopper. Seller will allow the buyer to apply his rights towards company for delivery.

8.Agreed delivery time is valid when there are no unexpected complications, such as all cases of upper force interference. This case also includes armed conflicts, bureau measures and prohibitions, includes customs. These facts extend delivery time. Seller will inform the buzzer about these facts immediately.

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