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Warranty Terms and Complains

Item 5

Warranty, failure responsibility and complainment apply

1.Buyer is required on a goods claim to follow the terms and conditions, which are available on Buyer has a right to not take the delivered goods from delivery company, while it is not the same goods as in order, or in cases:
a) delivery of goods, which is in contrary with buying contract (other or damaged good), or

b) delivery of goods in damaged cover, or

c) delivery of goods without bill.

     When the delivery is substituted by the character a), buyer is required immediately (maximum 3 days) to inform seller or the responsible person about the situation. Otherwise the delivery is listed as completed. Buyer has the right to goods delivery from seller in accordance to warranty terms by goods exchange or return. If this case is not possible, buyer has a right to get discount from listed price or resign from contract according to conditions listed below.

2. Complaint incompleteness of content, change of content or damage on delivery after three days will not be accepted.

3. Warranty period on goods selled by web shop Kon Tiki, including batteries is 24 months and starts from the day of the goods delivery to the buyer.

4. Warranty on a damaged goods is only acceptable when the buyer sends back complete product in original cover with bill and contract and warranty list if printed.

5. Seller according to law order in Slovak Republic and his warranty terms must resolve the problem in 30 days and in case of error in warranty period he will make a product correction or he will exchange the product.

6. Seller has no responsibility for any damage considered by wrong usage of product in contrary with instructions for use.

7. According to § 619 of Civil Code seller does not correspondent for defects, which has the product after the delivery to buyer. For goods selled with lower price seller does not correspondent for error, for which has the product lower price.

8. From guarantee corrections are excluded errors, which arise by buyer fault on assembly, installation, wrong product usage, chemical activity, by overload, by wrong usage of materials, by excessive wear, mechanical damage or wrong correction into product. Guarantee does not cover spare parts, which below to natural damage.

9. Warranty of goods damage can buyer use in authorized service or by seller sending complete product with bill, warranty list to address: Kon Tiki, s.r.o., Slovenskej Jednoty 33, 040 01 Košice. If needed, You can also contact us via e-mail or mobile. Our contact details are published on our page


Item 6

Damage responsibility

If buyer will not adhere conditions and procedure listed in operating instructions, in product information and conditions about assembly, get product into service listed in approval, is responsible for this damages.


Item 7

Withdrawal from contract

1. Withdrawal from contract is approved in 7 days starts by product distribution without a reason. If seller fulfill all of the information duties by § 10 law 108/2000 is the seller allowed to cancel the contract to 7 days after when seller fulfill his information duties, maximum waiting period is 3 months.

2. Withdrawal from contract by buyer is contract canceled and both sides have duty to send back their fulfillment.

3. Seller undertakes to:

- undertake complete goods without damage

- send back price to buyer in the amount from the web shop in 15 days time period

4. Buyer undertakes to:

- send not damaged goods back, without manipulation and changes

- send good back in non damaged original cover

- send goods back in 7 days after distribution

- the part of sended goods must be original bill and a copy of a bill from distribution company


Item 8

Withdrawal from order

1. Permission for withdrawal buyer from contract is:

- time delay of order without previous announce and a reason introduction from seller

- time delay of period consulted and agreed by seller

     To make a valid withdraw from a contract it is duty from seller to send the buyer recommended letter to buyers address.

2. Seller is allowed to cancel the order:

- if there is a reasonable suspicion that the information about buyer is a lie

- if the period extension for unexpectable reasons is higher that 6 months

- if the spare period dealed between seller and buyer expire

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