Terms and Conditions

Item 1

General establishment

Appointing to this terms, salesman is company Kon Tiki, Inc., Slovenskej jednoty 33, 040 11 Košice, Slovak republic, 36572527, SK2021756968 (salesman).

Shopper is a person, which buy the goods from the salesman through purchase agreement on distance (via salesman web page).

Basic duty of buyer before stuff order is to familiarize himself and agree with this general terms, which are available free on web page of salesman.


Item 2

Prices and price conditions

1.Product prices presented in electronic catalog www.kontiki.sk are listed in EURO currency, or in czech crowns including taxes valid in actual country.

2.Salesman reserves the rights to update prices of products. These prices are valid to the moment of release of new price list.

3.Price for product ordered by web shop is a price valid in the moment of product order by shopper.

4.Past to order of products shopper also pays the shipping listed on a web page.

5.Shopper can pay for the purchase by cash on delivery.

6.Special order is Preorder. It is an order of goods, which is not reachable on the slovak market and his edition is expected. On preorder goods it is visibly marked. And it contains additional information about future price and a date of publication. The period of delivery do not cover the Preorder listed in Item 3. Goods are sended after arrival to the salesman stock. Price listed on the Preorder could not be final. In case when supplier highly change the price of product can salesman approved to change the price of Preorder. If this case happen, shopper will be contacted via e-mail or via mobile. In case of order acceptation from the shopper side via e-mail of mobile will the ordered stuff sended after arrival to the salesman stock. In case of change rejection or fail of expression delivery from the shopper side will order be automatically canceled.


Item 4

Acquisition of property rights the allocation of risk of goods damage

1.Property right to ordered goods moves on the shopper in moment of full payment of billing price by one of method listed in Item 2 and Item 6.

2.Danger of damage on the goods overcomes to salesman by goods acceptation, formed on a written confirmation on a bill.


Item 9

Safety and protection of personal data

1.Salesman undertakes to comply with shopper personal data with care and protect them from misusage of third party (§7 point 4, letter b law nr. 428/2002).

2.Information rendered by buyer (name, last name, address, telephone number, -email address) will be used only for processing of the order, delivery realization and for necessary communication. Buyer is required to feature accurate and true information.

3.Personal data will not be given to third party except data used for goods delivery.

4.Gated shopper information will be used only for intern analyze with purpose to improve offered services quality. These statistics will not be used to buyer identification.

5.Offering goods buyer agrees with accumulation, processing and usage of buyer information and data according to rules above.


Item 10


To making a decision from all disputes of contractual relationship from order and goods delivery by web page www.kontiki.sk is authorized only court of Slovak Republic.


Item 11

Final establishment

These terms and conditions are in charge from 27.5.2013.

Buyer can change these terms and conditions. Duty of written announce change of terms and conditions is fulfilled by positioning on web page of buyer.

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